Selecting safe and competent pilots

PILAPT® is a powerful test battery that will help you
to select the best pilots

Based on several years of research, these tests have been designed to ensure that organizations can quickly and easily select applicants that will be safe and competent pilots.

PILAPT® has been used by military and commercial clients since 1997. PILAPT's® ongoing validation process consistently shows accurate prediction of pilot performance. Today the tests are used all over the world in twenty countries and are internationally recognized as best practice in pilot selection. To date, over 70,000 candidates have been assessed with PILAPT® in 11 different languages.

Not only will PILAPT® tests save you time and money at the selection stage, they will also help you to avoid wasted time and resources in training. In an "MPL" (Multi-Crew Pilot Licence) world where there is a shortage of pilot talent, PILAPT® is a compelling choice for airlines and training schools who are seeking more advanced and accurate data in order to identify, with confidence, those pilots with the talent to become top performers in the future.

Current PILAPT® users:

Commercial pilot trainers in:
UK, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Middle East, USA

Military Pilot Selection
6 NATO Air Forces, Asia, South America

Airlines in
Europe, Asia, Hong Kong, Africa, Middle East